Dreamathon 2017 ignites the passion for learning & support the youth by providing relevant skills that help achieve the full potential of an individual.Our objective is to support with training, mentors and resources to help youth on a path of a better tomorrow.The idea of Dreamathon 2017 is to enable youth to cherish their dreams and showcase to the world of possibilities that lay ahead of them.Through this campaign, we wish to ignite 10 milliion dreams of young minds and rekindle the spirit of goodness in them and capture 1 million entries on great dreams for the future seen from the imagination of the youth of India.Some of the major activities that will be covered during the Dreamathon Campaign are:

  • Reading, Drawing and Creative Writing – Activities focused on making story books more accessible, making reading fun, promote creative writing and showcasing aspirations and creativity in form of drawing.
  • Theme: What is your dream.
    • For yourself
    • For India
    • For the world

The campaign will also engage other stakeholders such as teachers and members of the community. Every state will have varied activities that will conducted in different states.

  • Flag-off at Dr. Kalam’s former library in New Delhi
  • Major events in each of the 15 locations
  • 7 month campaign

The objectives of the
campaign are threefold:



 Igniting Passion:

Reach 1 million youth and bring about a change in the way they look at reading, writing and drawing.

Encouraging Creativity:

Encourage the creativity and thinking of outside the box.

Showcasing Talent:

Display of the talent and dreams showcased by the youth in their outputs and nurture them.





Schools and Colleges




Ideas/Smiles Spread





Creative Writing and Drawing Activities:


Participants can express their dreams through creative writing (essays, letters, poems, jingles, quotes etc.) or drawing (painting, coloring, sketching, shadings etc.)

Kalam Shikshak Awards:


Identify, approach, and recognize the efforts of teachers by presenting them with ‘Kalam Shikshak Award’ for positive change in community

Kalam Library Project:


Technology enabled experience zone (Kalam Digital Library) set up to create a more in depth and lasting impact. This helps to create a repository of best practices and experiences.








Call us to your school/college

“If you wish to conduct a Dreamathon activity in your institution, write to us at dreamathon2017@gmail.com We will get back to you soon.”

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